Scale your business
on Amazon

We increase your sales channels and
establish your brand in
marketplaces Europe’s top.


Account Management

We stage your brand by providing a holistic strategy executed by a team of specialists.


We know local cultures and trends. We have a multilingual team able to provide you with new markets to explore.

Sell your Brand

We have a solid network of investors ready to let you have your Exit! Our specialist team will support you in the sale of your asset on Amazon.

Stategy & Ads

We are where Amazon is.
We will identify solid opportunities for the expansion of your products with targeted strategies.


How do we do
all this?

We strongly believe in a 4 part process

In good company

These are some of our partners who believed in us.

E-Bridge, as an agency specializing in Amazon services, has applied to join the “Service Provider Network” program



We are first and foremost
Amazon Seller

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We put your brand on the

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We can provide you
with new target markets.

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& Ads

We will identify solid
opportunities for growth.

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Sell your Brand

We are ready to get
you your Exit!

What is our



We strongly believe in a process divided into 4 parts.


These some  of the 

partners  they have 

believed in us.

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E-Bridge, as an agency specializing in Amazon services, has applied to join the “Service Provider Network” program


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Hai dei dubbi cosmici? We’ll think about it!

Nothing challenging, it’s just the first useful moment to see if our needs match!

We tell you who we are and what we do, but most importantly, we understand right away what we can (or cannot) do for your brand.

We do not have a specific price because for each project the needs and ambitions are different. However, our fees run on two tracks: a fixed component (starting at 1500 euros per month) and a variable component (on the goals we decide to achieve).

For services that do not involve recurring fees, we conduct evaluations on a case-by-case basis.

Mainly those who turn to E-Bridge want to delegate the operation and development of their brand on Amazon and other Marketplaces, consequently, we tend to work as partners even in the long term.

Simply notify us one month in advance of your wish to terminate the relationship. Our approach is based solely on value impact, so terminating the partnership is easy and has no restrictive clauses.

One’s Amazon Seller Central sales channel represents a real economic asset. As such it can be sold and bought, and the quality of the same represents a requirement of professionalism that has value. Therefore we take account management very seriously by devoting the best resources to the project and developing strong partnerships with service providers that are critical to business development.

We assign an entire team to the project by providing for the systematic collaboration of at least one account manager, a marketing specialist (oriented to the development of PPC on Amazon) and an accountant dedicated to tax and administrative support. hese professionals will work on your project on a daily basis and will be complementary to your company and your Marketing department.

We are all running for the same reason, that of bringing the brand to success, and therefore a synergetic collaboration between the components of a company is necessary so that we can exchange value and follow the same course.

If you sell on Amazon we would need to view your account, check your ongoing operations and understand if there are any critical issues to be resolved. After that, we would be able to offer you a quote and a shared Roadmap of your development visions.

If you do not sell on Amazon and decide to start from scratch we will get to work immediately. From the time we take over the account to the time we see your products online (if we receive cooperation with the brand for the documents needed to open and the checks to be done with Amazon) will take approximately 30 days

To sell on Amazon you do NOT need to hold a registered trademark. However, it is FUNDAMENTAL to protect yourself and to be able to offer the consumer an enhanced shopping experience since Amazon provides additional features for registered brands. One of our (one-off) services is to also provide trademark registration advice on both Uibm (Italian Patent and Trademark Office) and Euipo (European Union Intellectual Property Office). This results in registration in Amazon’s brand register.

We know the dynamics and we know how to move, both to protect your brand and to remove unfair competitors who “hook” on your product pages. That’s why we will never stop repeating:

The brand owner is the only one who can decide how his image should look.

Before being a consulting agency, we are entrepreneurs who have invested in and managed dozens of brands on Amazon. We have in our portfolio several brands of our own and projects where we carry out acceleration programs aimed at sales (exit). This means that an entrepreneur who owns a brand may decide to sell it to a third party gaining from its sale.

In this dynamic, we provide our network with acquirers who are specialists in this field or we consider, only upon application, the evaluation of shared growth by scaling the project together.